Our North Star.
Our Ursa.

We're building an interactive diversified portfolio investing experience focused on making you a smarter investor.

A Better Way to Invest

We all spend years in school taking classes on almost every subject imaginable, but not one teaches you how to build wealth. Even outside of school, talking financials is a taboo subject among peers and even family members. You’re told to save money, but no one tells you how to grow it.

Sure, you’re 80% of the way there with a portfolio of ETFs. Robo advisors like Wealthfront and Betterment package that up and sell it to you for a fee. However, if you wanted active investment management, you’re directed to opaque, blackbox mutual funds managed in bulk as if you’re a statistic.


We founded Ursa to use technology to build a curated, interactive investing experience focused on financial education, broad accessibility, and, of course, a top performing investment product.

Our Mission

We're building the next generation of investment management. Investing education is at the core of our mission. Our goal is to offer an interactive, educative, hyper-personalized portfolio experience. If you invest, we'll invest in you!

Our Team

Ryan Jue
Cofounder & CEO

Ryan loves tech and investing. He spent eight years in finance across investment banking and equity research before spending the next six years growing startups. Now he gets the best of both worlds!

Brandon Jue
Cofounder & CTO

Brandon loves building software. Period. He's been a software engineer for the past 12 years - both for large and small tech companies, but also has developed multiple of his own apps.

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