The Ursa Portfolio.
High-Quality, Diversified, Long-Term.

We seek to grow diversified portfolios at a high rate of return over the long-term. We use research to find high-quality companies with attractive valuations to invest in.


We rigorously evaluate fundamentals of each recommended stock


We diversify to reduce portfolio risk across sectors, investment type, macro trends, etc.


We believe strong companies with discounted valuations outperform the market over the long-term.

The Portfolio

Mandate U.S. Large Cap
Focus Sectors Technology, Communications, Consumer, Healthcare, Financials, Industrials
Investment Types Growth, Value, Dividend (depending on Portfolio Strategy)
Recommended Stocks ~50
Portfolio Stocks 20
Portfolio Weighting Equal-Weighted (5% each)

Our Process

Idea Generation
We start by evaluating macro and secular trends to generate an investment thesis. From our thesis, we identity potential investment candidates to evaluate further.

Fundamental Research
We dive into growth opportunities, competitive advantages, leadership, financial position and intrinsic valuation to weigh the risk/return profile.

Your Portfolio Fit
Once stocks clear our rigorous criteria, we evaluate how they fit into your portfolio strategy, diversification and preferences.

Ongoing Evaluation
We invest long-term, but we don't "hodl" no matter what. If our thesis isn't playing out, we'll pivot.

Quick Facts

Minimum Investment $100
Advisory Fee 1% annually
Holding Period none
Eligiblity US residents only
Custodian Brokerage DriveWealth, LLC
SIPC Insurance up to $500K

Grow your account to $500, get up to $1,000 extra!

Minimum account balance is $100, but first reward obtained when account balance reaches $500. Reward selected at random. For a limited time only. Funds cannot be withdrawn for 1 year. See full terms for details.